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Customer Service can be defined as a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction. It is also noted that it varies by product, industry and customer and in many cases is more important if the purchase relates to a service as opposed to a product. We are unique in the water industry in that we provide both a service and a product. We are also unique in the water industry in that we are a monopoly utility and it seems that we have been reluctant to incorporate innovation and technology and stagnant in maintaining levels of service. Change is constant in today’s world and we need to evolve and explore the various options that are being employed by others in the industry to enhance customer service. Many times these options are ignored because they come with a monetary cost while no direct savings or increase in revenue is seen. The benefit is the intangible customer satisfaction which one could say is priceless.

The quality and level of customer service is directly related to the support and understanding of management – the expectations and standards are set at the top. RDM is committed to providing the Authority’s customers the highest level of service by educating its staff, utilizing technology and listening to the needs of the customer. RDM is currently exploring various payment options to provide more flexibility to the customer. We are also looking at ways to improve and utilize the web-site as a customer service tool. As we find ways to improve or enhance customer service we will work to implement the changes as best suited for the GJWA’s customers. 

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